Jakarta – U.S. Embassy Facebook Fans Baban Sarbana of Bogor (far left), Dimas Novriandi (far right) of Jakarta, and Vivi Hasyim (right center) of Surabaya with the judges from “Obama Kami Datang.” JAKARTA – On a nationally-televised show Tuesday evening, “Obama, Kami Datang,” three Facebook fans of the U.S. Embassy Jakarta earned all-expense paid educational […]

By Sam Sanders President Barack Obama toasts with Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Jason Reed/Reuters) President Obama arrived in Indonesia on Tuesday, for the second stop along his Asian tour. The country’s been waiting some two years for his visit; he’s delayed travel to country twice before during his presidency to stay […]

Saturday morning, we were accompanied by Mr. Marshall Jacobson, our guide, to go around Chicago. His age was already fifty, but still have a good memory of the city of Chicago and everything related to Obama. The trip is started by visiting Obama’s first office when he firstly came to Chicago. At the first time, […]