University of Pakuan, Bogor, is my second college for me to study after being dropped out from IPB. Here, I had to work while studying to pay for additional cost, especially at the end of the 4th year. Fortunately, there was an internet cafe in my campus. So I applied myself to work there. At that time, I was only paid Rp.30,000 every month, because I just took a part-time job alternately together with my friends in Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Pakuan. We had the same background of education, Computer Science, as our tool for working at the internet cafe.

Actually, that was my first time getting acknowledged with the internet. I still remember, my first e-mail address was which I wonder right now where it is, whether it still exist or not, because I never use it anymore.

My target of working at the internet cafe was not just to earn money, but also to get some extra benefits, using computer and internet free, which was very useful for me to send many job applications in the last year of my study. At that time, jobsearching using internet was started to be a trend. So I really could get many advantages working at that internet cafe. Typing my final report of study and getting on line free, besides earning some money.

In the year of 1999, it was booming in Indonesia, the book of Quantum Learning, telling about learning strategy that had been reported succeeded to be applied in America. I had also given the seminar materials and training of this Quantum Learning for several times in some schools and colleges.

Having lack of english writing skill, I recklessly tried to send an email to Bobbi dePorter (who I thought was a man), because I heard that he was going to come to Indonesia, invited by Mizan Publishers. I just wanted to see the original author of the Quantum Learning. Two days later, I got the reply from her (sent by her husband), that she had foward my message to Mr. Haidar, the Director of Mizan Publisher. I was suggested to see Mr. Haidar Bagir to wait for his confirmation. One week later, I got a phone call directly from Mr. Haidar Bagir while I was giving training of the Quantum Learning to the groups of womens reading Quran at Pisangan, East Jakarta. He spoke to me in English.

“Hello… Can I speak to Mr. Baban?” He asked me on the phone. “Yes, Sir… I am Baban, who is speaking?” I answered using Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian national language), feeling confused. “I am Haidar Bagir. You can speak Bahasa Indonesia?” Asked him, also confused. “I thought that you are a Russian, knowing your name is Baban…” He said with laugh. How warm he is. Speaking with so friendly joke for have just knowing each other in a short time.

“I am from Bogor, Sir…” I told him then.

“I got an e-mail from Bobbi dePorter. Can you come to Mizan tomorrow?” He asked me again.

“Yes I can, Sir…” I answered spontaneously, without too much thinking, realizing that I was jobless at that moment, and have been looking for a job.

The next day, I met him. After a long enough conversation talking about my activities of giving training for Quantum Learning, finally he asked me to join his company he has just set up, Mizan Learning Center.

Several months after that, I have become the part of their team handling Quantum Learning, Quantum Teaching and Quantum Business, with Bobbi dePorter as the keynote speaker. One thing funny… She still used an Over Head Projector (OHP) with some plastic slides for his presentation (she said that he didn’t know that projectors had been commonly used in Indonesia… poor she is).

I met Bobbi dePorter face to face, accompanied her signing participant’s certificates (she wondered of this Indonesian style, gainning a certificate after attending a seminar). Actually I didn’t exactly accompany her, just written down the names of participants for about two hours, supported by a Khat Pen, a pen used to write art handwriting like Quran’s letters). That was all I need, too meet my idol in the world of writing, to speak to her directly. The seminar and training worked well, although some of the materials given were exactly the same with the text written at the book. I was also given the english version of her book, the Quantum Learning, Qantum Teaching and Quantum Business, all originally signed by Bobbi dePorter.

Several months later, I wrote my own book which was inspired by Bobbi dePorter’s book, Quantum Learning.

The moment of being together in a team with Bobbi dePorter seems just like a dream… A dream that is began from a paragraph of email sent using, that being connected from campus internet cafe who paid me Rp. 30,000 every month.

So… What I want to say is… Just do even small things seriously, because seriousness could bring the big one in turn.

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  1. Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Lia. I have been reading your blog for about 6 months. I found your blog address accidentally, although I believe that nothing happens accidentally in this world. Just wanna say that I love your blog. And I like it even more when you use English. Your English is good, by the way. Keep writing, please.

  2. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months. Just wanna say that I like your blog and I love it even more when you use English.

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